About Us

In June of 2005, Greer Spill Control was opened for business in Suwanee, Georgia, U. S. A. by Allen Greer. The company was founded on the principles Allen learned from growing up in the “first family” of the oil and chemical spill cleanup industry.

Allen’s father, Barry, was the first salesman of oil absorbent pads and booms in 1969. This was when Conwed Corp invented the process of reclaiming oil from water with a product made of a mixture of cellulose based natural fibers in boom, pad and roll product configurations.

Later, in 1972, 3M was issued a Use Patent for their innovation of replacing the Conwed cellulose product with meltblown polypropylene as an alternative for the application of oil spill absorption. During this time, Allen was in elementary school while his father continued to work for Conwed and compete against 3M. The 3M, melt blown polypropylene product is what continues to be in place now in industry around the world.

By the time the late 70’s rolled around, Barry Greer went into business for himself, distributing sorbent products made from various sources. In 1990, Allen’s father successfully sold his business to Oil Dri Corp which enabled Oil Dri to add these products to their already existing “cat litter/clay” absorbent line which dominated the sorbent industry. Allen worked for his father in his warehouse from the age of 11, earning money to race motorcycles and eventually a brand new Jeep.

Since those times so long ago, Allen has worked for several major manufacturers in the industry and has also sold 2 companies of his own. Aside from his full time duties at Greer Spill, Allen continues to work as a sales agent and consultant for the largest manufacturer of oil and chemical absorbents in the world.
It is, and was, the years of experience that Allen has accumulated that has formed the model mission of Greer Spill Control.


Our Mission

  • Development & distribution of the highest quality spill control products available,
  • Offering of a complete line of oil and chemical spill related materials to combat spills of any type or magnitude,
  • Customer prices of these products to be well below competition to spur growth,
  • Donate funds based on a percentage of company gross profit geared to benefit and improve the lives of the entire community, and
  • To simply treat others the way we would like to be treated.