Spill Kit Universal Fleet Kit (#KITU-FLEET)


50 Each Gray HeavyWeight Universal Pads 10” x 14”
2 Each Gray Universal Sorbent Socks 3” x 4’
1 Tub Plug & Dike Epoxy 1 lb
1 Pack Wooden Plugs Assorted Sizes
2 Pair Nitrile Gloves One Size
1 Pair Safety Goggles One Size
2 Each Yellow Temporary Disposal Bags & Ties 18” x 30”
1 Each Yellow Nylon “Spill Responder” Zippered Tote Bag 8” x 17” x 20”

Product Description

  • Nylon spill kit is ideal for fleet vehicles
  • Easy identification with “Spill Response” on the side of the bag
  • Product contents are protected in a yellow zippered tote bag
  • Includes durable bag, pads socks, wooden plugs, plug & dike epoxy putty, yellow disposable bags & ties, nitrile gloves, and safety goggles